September 7th –September 22, 2018


Curated by
Masato Tsuruta & Clear Gallery Tokyo

_D_30040_2のコピー (1).jpg

Separating the space transparently, glass does not have inside or outside. 

This work, made by beeswax, which transforms from "solid" to "liquid" to "gas" crosses over between the space and the body. 
Viewing a cross-section of the space from the window that blends into everyday life.

The outside world and the inside world melt at the same time on the surface and solidify over time as objects, 

representing the existence.

A constantly flowing blood that nonstop circulates the veins and arteries, 
A real representation created by crossing incomplete lines.

In a society that somewhat separates from the reality in front of us, what constructs where am I, inside or outside, what makes us recognize. 

That division is nothing but our own decision.













There is no past in a dream, and there is no eternity in the reality.
The eternity between the dream and the reality is free from the restrictions of time.
I work on looking for non-persistency.
That is because I want to keep creating works with a spirit of Japanese, "to appreciate something tranient".
By Moe Nakase, in Paris, the early summer in 2018

"That impact was more than something can be expressed with a word 'fascinaing', I cannot remember what I felt at that time.
I was connected to the work in a strange way, and was almost to lose the ability to remember."
From "Pictures and Tears -the history of people crying in front of pictures-", by Jane Elkins

The talent who surprised New Yorkers in the early spring this year created "Beyond", the poetry and the creations that no body have never seen before, with much more density for Roppongi this time.

Born in Kanagawa, 1993.
While starting modeling in 2015, she began to work on as an artist influenced by her father known for a sculptor, thinking about what is her own expression besides the model.
Going through from the works by unique pointillism, making many tiny dots on translucent tracing paper, to the exhibition in Brooklyn, she started the encaustic paintings, drawing the flow of vivid colors with beeswax.
In 2017, she exhibited at NY BROOKLYN BEAUTY/FAHSION LABO, and in December, received the grand prize of J-COLLABO ANNUAL EXHIBITION.




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