“Middle School”

02 November - 24 November , 2018

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CLEAR GALLERY TOKYO is proud to announce a solo exhibition of new works by Tokyo-based artist NANOOK; this will be his first solo show in four years.

"NANOOK's works - wich exude a certain charming, floating sensation (" fuyukan ") - create a strong, transcendent impression upon viewing, and leave us with images resembling hieroglyphs left by extraterrestrial life forms. One can almost believe his works simply appeared, one day, out of nowhere. In my opinion, this convincingly free-floating quality can make make it difficult to sense his intent.

Though initially intense, his works enter us (the viewer) directly, us to create our own narratives within his images, ruminating, trying to Is it not NANOOK's intention "to emit something that frees the person who confronts it"? I wonder: Is this something like the romance of Moai statue?

I invite you to come to his first solo exhibition in 4 years, and hopefully leave with a more freely floating mind.


This time, CLEAR GALLERY TOKYO will hold a solo exhibition of Nanook, a writer who is active based in Tokyo.

I will announce a new work at this exhibition for the first time in 4 years. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation.

"The attraction and floating feeling of the work created by NANOOK. Once you see it, the work that remains strongly impressed jumps over the times and borders, leaving us with an image like the hieroglyphs left by the extraterrestrial life form Sometimes it is difficult to directly feel the author's intention from his work accompanied by floating feeling which seems to be convincing even if it is said that there was suddenly there one day (This is my Although it is subjective) But that is the appeal of the work of NANOOK, I think that it is the intention of the writer NANOOK.


First of all, the work enters into the viewer whilst being intense. And those who saw himself freely thoughtfully create a story on NANOOK's work themselves or trying a name on the face of the work. Is not it the intention of NANOOK itself to "emit something that people who face confrontation with work can be free" themselves? Is it like a romance of Moai statue? I wonder if it is something.

It is a solo exhibition after 4 years.

I would like to invite you to see the works created by NANOOK and let them feel free to float freely. "

Joji Nakamura (Artist)

For more Information About Nanook Please Download Press Release Attached Below