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W:242mm H:334 D:34mm / (ink on paper acrylic box)

W:242mm H:334 D:34mm / (ink on paper acrylic box)



Born / living in Fukuoka prefecture


When I was three years old, I saw my cousin drawing artificial human beings I was fascinated by the unique hair style of that dragon ball and started to paint dragon balls before I go to nursery school

As it is, I entered the cartoon illustration club at the lower grade level at elementary school, and the teacher in charge who saw the activity advances the way of painting but it is flowed


Entrance to junior high school started basketball and started drawing basketball and although drawing time to paint decreased, it was recommended that the teacher suggest that there would be only a picture in the result of the low score test as usual that the graffiti of a person was written on the test paper solely. Admission to Kyushu High School with


Unlike the design course, the design course was full of geeks but inside was like myself who entered by mistake, and every day to listen to music


Although he entered Kyushu Sangyo University Art Department as it is, he is retarded with music for his enthusiasm for music

It seems that even the picture path is about to be closed, and starting to start live painting without starting something is a turning point